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Victor Hugo on Cliffs

Coastal Walks

During his free time, Hugo would often walk around Guernsey’s outstanding, picturesque coast. This wasn't simply an exercise for leisure - the island’s rugged cliffs and coves served as inspiration for many of his works.

“I have heard birds singing on the cliffs of Fermain Bay.”

Le Gouffre

Hugo would sometimes arrive at this craggy spot on Guernsey’s south coast during his cliff walks. He described the small harbour at the foot of the cliffs as “the port of the fourth floor”, and the two large planks used to hoist and lower boats are still present today.

Moulin Huet Bay

This scenic south-coast cove was frequented by Hugo as a picnic spot. He was not the only artistic great to fall in love with this location however; in 1883 impressionist pioneer Pierre-Auguste Renoir spent more than a month painting Guernsey’s coastal scenes, with Moulin Huet becoming his favourite spot.

Fermain Bay

Accessible by cliff path from St Peter Port, Fermain Bay was a frequent destination of Hugo during his walks, and one of his preferred places to bathe. He described the walk between the bay and the town as a “show full of magic”, in tribute to the stunning views on offer.

Walk the Cliffs

Having changed very little since the days of Victor Hugo, Guernsey's stunning cliff walks remain highly popular today. Take a look at a few of the unforgettable views on offer.

Fermain Bay Walk Open Gallery