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Victor Hugo Portrait


Hugo’s legacy has been well-preserved in Guernsey, with references to the man and his works scattered across the island. Visit these Guernsey heritage sites to learn more.

Guernsey “ The noble little nation of the sea...”

Hauteville House Renovation

The recently renovated Hauteville House is once again open to the public. For twelve months a team of skilled artisans worked to restore the house to its original condition, both inside and out, so you can discover Hugo’s residence in all its authentic glory.

Stroll through the beautifully maintained gardens, see the elaborate detailing in his furnishings, and finish off with the unforgettable view from his glass writing room; a view that inspired one of the greats.

Restored Hauteville House Open Gallery

Statue of Victor Hugo

Sculpted in granite by Jean Boucher, the famous statue of Victor Hugo was inaugurated in July 1914 and stands in the middle of Candie Gardens, overlooking the harbour and sea.

Guernsey Museum at Candie

Also in Candie Gardens is the Guernsey Museum, which showcases the island’s gripping past.

The lintel that once sat atop the doorway of the “Haunted House” from Toilers of the Sea is on show here, while the permanent Guernsey Folklore exhibition tells the same myths and legends that intrigued Hugo during his exile.

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