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Hauteville House

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Creative Life

“A month’s work here is worth a year in Paris”

Hugo began, completed or published the majority of works for which he is best known whilst living in Guernsey. These include Les Contemplations (1856), La Légende des siècles (1859), Les Misérables (1862), William Shakespeare (1864), Les Chansons des rues et des bois (1865), Les Travailleurs de la mer (1866), L’Homme qui rit (1869), and Quatrevingt-treize (1874).

Victor Hugos Family Victor Hugo’s Family

Daily Life

Hugo would typically spend his mornings writing upstairs in the Crystal Room, his remarkable writing chamber overlooking St Peter Port’s seafront.

In the afternoons, he would take walks around Guernsey’s beautiful coastline, and visit his mistress Juliette Drouet who lived nearby at 20 Hauteville, the house he and his family initially stayed in upon arrival in Guernsey.

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